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Managed Services: Outsourcing your IT

So you’ve decided to trust your IT to a reputable external organization: excellent choice! You’ve demonstrated a commitment to the growth of your company and the continuity of your business. We firmly believe that technology is at your service – not the other way around.

Secure Your Network

Computer hacking and malware are all too real in the digital age. A compromised network often delivers a fatal blow to companies who experience them. With the right technology partner, you will minimize the risk of leaks and data loss. A2 Outsourcing defends your business’ core in two ways:

  1. The right hardware and software for maximum protection and;
  2. Continued education. Whenever a new threat arises, you are immediately informed about the best practices to take to immunize your IT.

Monitored Backups and Easy Restores: is there any other way?

Monitored backups and easy restores are the only way as far as we’re concerned. Is your data backed up? Has anyone checked it recently to make sure? Does anyone even know how? The most expensive backup equipment is rendered useless if you can’t restore anything with it when disaster strikes. Too many companies still rely on these systems without rely knowing where they stand in terms of data conservation.

Our approach is different: with daily monitoring and professional follow-ups when something’s not right, you won’t have any more bad surprises.

Networks that Perform

The strain on typical networks is ever increasing. Cloud and web applications are here to stay, and the BYOD (bring your own device) tendency is on the rise as well. It’s therefore becoming more important than ever to properly manage the traffic going in and out of your network, prioritizing it to ensure that bandwidth is always available where it’s needed most. To regain additional resources, consider traffic filtering to prevent to stamp out unsolicited data from disrupting your daily operations.

Quick and Highly-Skilled End-User Assistance: That's How we Roll

Your assigned IT Manager will take care of your computer network as if it were ours. Whether it’s managing network permissions for groups or individual users, managing your IT inventory for insurance purposes or simply helping out a user whose email’s not working, A2 Outsourcing is the answer. Let us help you free up your human and financial resources so that you can excel at what you do best.


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